If you love golf, than Florida may just be the place for your next vacation destination! Why does Florida have so many golf resorts? Well for a start the weather is perfect for golfing! Florida has very mild and pleasant temperatures, typically hovering at around seventy degrees. Just the right kind of heat to be playing golf in!

Another reason that Florida is home to so many golf resorts is that Florida is of course a world renown vacation spot! Many people like to golf as a way to relax, so what better way than to provide them with some dream courses in the sun.

So where are the golf resorts in Florida?

Destin, Florida is home to over six golf courses and resorts! They are all beautifully landscaped! One of the best ones is the Regatta Bay Golf and Country Club, which is probably one of the most popular courses in the whole state.

Jacksonville is also home to many golf courses and resorts. Many of Jacksonvilles╩╝ golf courses are full of lush foliage and greenery. There is also the Ginn Ocean Course at Hammock Beach. It has won some very impressive awards, including the triple A, four diamond award!

Daytona Beach is not just the home of NASCAR. It is also home to several great golf courses. Most of the resorts there have won many awards in excellence.

Orlando, Florida has several golf courses. These courses are a bit more pricey, but they are very good ones. You pay more, but you definitely get what you pay for. No losses there!

Tampa Bay has a lot of great golf courses too. If your wish is to play near the ocean then you should choose the Bardmoor G &TC course. It is the closet golf resort to the beach! That way you can smell and feel the fresh air of the ocean while you are out playing a few holes!

Space Coast, Florida is aptly named for it’s impressive space port. However, there’s more than rocket ships at this location! You guessed it, Space Coast is home to several golf courses. All of these are on the more economical end of the local golfing spectrum, but just because they are cheap don’t think they are any less impressive. The truth is that these golf courses and resorts are just as good as most of the higher priced ones.

West Palm Beach is somewhere to check out as well. Palm Beach of course is very popular! Naturally, there would be a place for golfers to reside too! These golfing locations are really great because they are near the ocean and make for fabulous golfing!

Really when you go to Florida on vacation, you are spoilt for choice. Make sure to do your research of the local area in advance of booking your course, as that way you can plan your dream trip down to the very last piece of perfection (or at least figure out the best way to get rid of the wife and kids so you can play golf to your hearts content).