Wooohoo! Your family has just booked a fabulous cruise ship vacation! Wait. Uh oh. Is it possible that your delight has turned into a small feeling of dread? How are you going to relax with the kids on board? Take a deep breath, it will be fine.In fact, it will be great. Just keep these tips in mind and your cruise will be memorable and fun for the whole family.

Cruise on a Line that Caters to Families

Cruise on a Line that Caters to Families
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Today’s cruise lines, whether you’ve booked one of those often dreamed of Asian cruises or Bahamas getaways, have gone overboard (no pun intended!) to market their vacations to families. Many cruise lines offer kid-friendly activities during the entire cruise so they will have no lack of diversions, and you’ll probably never hear, “I’m so bored, there’s nothing to do.”

Utilize Onboard Programs for Children

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When you book your cruise, investigate what types of onboard activities are available. You’ll find cruises that have many activities for children of all ages. You will find cruise lines such as Celebrity Cruises, which have special programs just for children. With these special services, you’ll be able to spend some quality alone time at some more adult activities, such as comedy clubs, or even a romantic dinner

These services are designed and geared toward youngsters and often have programs designated for certain age groups, so each child will receive age-appropriate entertainment and activities. These programs are usually run by staff that includes trained counselors, so you’ll be able to feel that your children are safe and secure.

Take Advantages of All Activities

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There are also many other shipboard activities that can keep your children occupied such as:

  • Movies and theaters – Your children can enjoy an afternoon at the movies, or even live theater. Many ships also offer acting classes, for a hands-on experience.
  • Pools and miniature golf courses – What kid wouldn’t enjoy a day frolicking in the pool while the ship glides through the waves, or an afternoon round of putt-putt golf?
  • Creative activities – This can include activities such as painting or arts and crafts, even cooking classes. It will be a fun and educational time.
  • Supervised playrooms and day care – These services will keep your children occupied while you enjoy the ship’s activities geared toward adults.
  • Bring Things from Home

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    To make the trip more comfortable for your kids, don’t forget to pack their favorite pajamas, or even that ever-important security blanket or toy. They will be away from their familiar home surroundings, so the comforts of home will make cruising an adventure away from home.Consider bringing along their favorite portable video game. This can keep them occupied if there are wait times in the airport getting to your port, or just for an afternoon on deck.

    Of course, you’ll all want to spend a lot of family time together on the cruise and with just a little planning, you and your family will enjoy a vacation of a lifetime.