Virginia Beach

If you’re looking for the perfect summer time vacation, you may want to consider Virginia Beach, Virginia. There are just so many things to do and see, the whole family can have fun; yes even the kids. Virginia Beach is a nice place to visit any time of the year, but the summer time is an even better time to visit due to the fact that the weather will be nice and you can actually get out and enjoy it.

What to Do?

Virginia Beach is of course home to the Virginia Beach. The beach does have some minor rules, but that is just to keep everything in working order.  The beach is located in an area of town known as the “oceanfront”. On the ocean front you can of course relax and soak up some sun or get in the water, but there are also loads of other fun things to do as well. The oceanfront is known for its nightlife, restaurants, hotels, shops and fun. You may want to buy some souvenirs or eat some of the giant snow crab legs that most of the restaurants on the oceanfront seem to have on offer. Then if you’re into the whole nightlife scene, there are clubs and bars available all up and down the strip. The ocean front also has bike rentals available and there is even a go-cart/fun world not too far away either.

Where to stay?

If you’re visiting in the summer time the best area to stay in is definitely the ocean front, so you can see a beautiful view from your room and not be too far away from the beach at the same time. There are a ton of hotels to choose from, ranging from luxurious ones like the Tropicana, to cheaper ones like the LaQuinta. All of these hotels and motels can be booked online. However, it is best to book during the winter time because during the summer time the area does book up rather quickly. Also, when you book in winter you’ll have a much better chance to get a great deal on a fabulous room.

Other Information about Virginia Beach

It is perfectly normal to want to know about a place before you go for a visit. So here is a little history about Virginia Beach, Virginia. Virginia Beach is considered to be one of the seven cities in the Hampton Roads Area. It is located between the towns of Norfolk and Portsmouth. Also, several military bases are located in the area. To get to Virginia Beach you will have to go through one of the tunnels, either the Hampton Roads Tunnel, the midtown Tunnel or the Monitor Merrimac Tunnel. However, there are no tolls to cross through the tunnels at this time. In the summer Virginia Beach can be crowded due to all of the tourism, locals, military and business men.  However, this does not make visiting this popular tourist area any less fun. You should definitely check it out for yourself.